Wednesday, January 12, 2011


"Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean, revel in him!" - Philippians 4.4, The Message

For some reason I always forget this simple truth.

We were designed from the ground up by the Master Architect to be single-mindedly focused......obsessed....
With what? With the Master Himself.

That is one of our intended uses - it was the intent that was up on the heavenly white board before our first cells started dividing.

It is such a part of what we are that if we don't revel in the Master, we will find a counterfeit. We will revel in something - actually almost anything. And it is always empty.

Even as a believer in Christ - even as someone who has probably heard 100+ sermons on this exact topic - I find myself forgetting the simplicity and sense of alignment and peace that comes from obsessing over my Creator.

I mean think about it - if you look at the words obsessing might have the same gut reaction as me. That is, something along the lines of "obsessions are bad - it means you're unbalanced". But this is actually wrong thinking.

Obsession has a bad rap because the things that we tend to obsess over are inappropriate. In fact there is one and only one Thing we are made to obsess over - and that is the King of The Universe.

Scripture has a name for misplaced obsession - idolatry - it's a stained-glass word that means obsessing over something other than God. And as with many of the things we are instructed of by God, it is for our own good that we obey.

I challenge you to celebrate The Almighty - to obsess over The Holy One. Let everything else fall away - see if you find yourself feeling empty or feeling like you finally discovered how to really live.

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