Saturday, March 7, 2009

Waiting to Sail

I find myself sitting in my car waiting to board a boat to Kingston - just looking around.

it is one of those times where it just seems to sink in, the insanely beautiful elegance of Creation...

The elegance of everything that the Lord Jesus placed in motion and entrusted to us is matched only by its unbelievable scale.

Looking at the water and the chaotic symmetry with which it interacts with the wind, and how the water all seems to like to stay together....that some objects stay on top of it while others are underneath.... I'm not a ph.d. In physics or biology, but all the moving pieces that are in play and doing their thing according to the Master's plan is crazy..

And that's just the water...there's also the blue sky with it's perfectly manipulated reflections and refractions of the sun's light....

And of course there are the people that are walking around the dock.....with their uncountable number of cellular (biological not telephone) operations happening constantly.... That go nearly flawlessly at all times.......

The Creator's hand is so evident and so powerful in all this, I can't help but feel small. And grateful...and in Love with the Master... Jesus.

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