Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The .NET Dilemma

So there exists a bit of a dilemma in the .NET world ... having come from the Java world recently, I think I can probably see it a little more clearly than others.... it is this:

you must use only microsoft tooling, even though it is ages behind the rest of the world

Let me give you one of a few real-world examples to kind of explain what I mean -- let's start with the "you must.." part...............I'm currently doing web apps with C#/ASP.NET - and I would have liked to use an MVC framework...HOWEVER, Microsoft's is not done yet - it's on preview 4 or something... so, the other option is to use Spring.NET or another third party MVC framework... the only thing is: I know Microsoft is working on a MVC framework - and when it's done - they'll make sure there are no competitors - that means there's already a ticking clock on the lifetime of Spring.NET and any other third party projects.... so that's the "you must" part - there's really no realistic choice other than to wait for Microsoft's stuff - or just to not worry about your application becoming *legacy* as soon as you write it.....

Ok - next part - ages behind the rest of the world -- that's right - Java (among others) has had MVC frameworks for a number of years now - they're a well understood thing - they're helpful - and darn it they make you more productive..... why is Microsoft JUST now developing something? Who knows - all I know is that it's way behind the times......

Anyway - that's the dilemma in a nutshell - the fact is - the .NET environment works just fine -- but if you want leading edge power and flexibility -- mmm.. I donno... :)

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